Online & Interactive Course
Learn about the most vital aspects of marriage. Watch video clips showing real-life examples of couples and complete engaging & fun activities together. Grab a cup of coffee or some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch together & enjoy.
Move At Your Own Pace
Take as little or as much time as you need. Print your certificate immediately after completion. In a long distance relationship? No problem. Buy one course, and share the same username & password and work on it together. 


Led By A Marriage Expert
Dr. Johnson, a relationship expert, leads our courses. Wouldn’t you want someone who specializes in premarital education & helps thousands of couples each year, help you learn the important skills needed for a successful marriage?


Research-Based Materials
You deserve the very best. Our course includes content that researchers have scientifically demonstrated to help improve your relationship for years to come. Why try something else that doesn’t have the same results?  

Course Reviews:

Fantastic and worth the investment! I totally recommend!   –Luciano
We learned so much from this program. Highly recommend!   –Melissa
Very simple and very informative! Great prep class.   –Kristyn

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Premarital Course- Christian Version

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