This premarital program is based upon PREP, the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program. This approach is based on 30 years of research, offering you the skills and strategies that are critical in creating and sustaining a healthy marriage. This program can be trusted to provide solid, research-based content that will offer you practical solutions for your marriage.


We know that when you’re planning a wedding, every penny matters. Just because you have a shoestring budget doesn’t mean you need to settle for a below-average premarital program or skip it altogether. In this program, you'll learn skills and tools based on years of trusted research and tested results, and for a fraction of the cost of one face-to-face session with a marriage therapist.


Thousands of couples have completed the PREP program and experienced positive results. Researchers have demonstrated that couples who completed the program reported lower rates of divorce, lower levels of negative communication, lower levels of physical aggression, higher levels of positive communication, and a greater likelihood of maintaining overall relationship satisfaction.

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