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Save time and money! When you complete this course, you'll save $32.50 on your Florida marriage license, and the three day waiting period to get married is waived. You can complete this course, get your marriage license, and marry in the same day!

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Congratulations! Research suggests that when you complete a premarital education program, you improve your chances of having a happy, healthy marriage and reduce the risk of divorce...and we think that's a reason to celebrate! You're officially ready for the exciting journey of marriage.

Daniel & Hannah BryanMy fiancée and I entered Dr. Johnson's premarital course with little to no expectation of marriage. In a personal yet professional way, she has used her expertise to engage us in conversation in all the aspects of marriage. We feel a better sense of what's to come in marriage thanks to Dr. Johnson.


Save $32.50 on your marriage license and waive the 3-day waiting period to marry! Click on the register now button for instant access to course materials. When you're finished, you can print the completion certificate immediately. Yep, it's that simple!

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Save money on your marriage license & waive the 3-day wait with this video-based program!